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Some recent publications include the following:

1) “Costs of Information Services” Approaches and Processes for Managing the Economics of Information Systems, IGI Global publishers, 2013 (edited by T. Tsiakis)

2) “Toll Free Numbers Demand and Policy” Telecommunications Policy, Vol. 36, Issue 1, February 2012 (with Kevin T. Duffy-Deno)

3) “Universal Service in the United States: A Focus on Mobile Communications” Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol. 62, No. 1, January 2010 (with James Bixby)

4)“Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): A Brief Tutorial”  unpublished January 2006

5)“Opportunity Costs and Production Possibilities Curves” Encyclopedia of Health Care Management. 2004. p, 400-401,453.

6)"Laffont & Tirole's Competition in Telecommunications:  A View From the U.S." Int. J. of the Economics of Business, Vol. 9, No.3, 2002.

7)"Pricing Network Elements under the Telecommunications Act of 1996:  Back to the Future."  Communications & Entertainment Law Journal, Vol. 23, No. 4, 2001.

8)“Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Impacts on Communications Carriers and Consumers” Presented at the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals (ESOMAR) Conference: Migration into a New eService World? Berlin (Germany) 22-24 October 2000, with Rick Emmerson and John Rutkowski.

9)“Regulatory Reform in Airlines, Telecommunications and Electric Power: Lessons for the Electric Power Industry” 12th Annual Western Conference of the Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition, San Diego, CA, July 1999. (With Kevin Duffy-Deno).

10)“Dangers of Cost-Based Pricing,” Journal of Professional Pricing, (Spring, 1999) (with Richard D. Emmerson).

11)“Cross-Subsidization in Telecommunications,” 13 Journal of Regulatory Economics 1998.

12) "The Economic Necessity of an Increased Subscriber Line Charge (SLC) in Telecommunications," 48 Administrative Law Review 227, 1996, (publication of the American Bar Association).

13)"Recovering Local Distribution Costs" Public Utilities Fortnightly, Vol. 133 No. 21, November 1995

14)Building Block Cost Methods for Pricing and Unbundling Telecommunications Services:  Implications for the Law and Regulatory Policy” Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Service and Technology,  Vol. 36, No. 1, 1995.(with Alexander C. Larson)

15)"Factor Substitution In Long-Distance Telecommunications" 62 Southern Economic Journal 405, 1995 (with Michael R. Ward)

16) "Seven Years After Kahn and Shew: Lingering Myths on Costs and Pricing Telephone Service," Yale Journal on Regulation 149, 1994.

17) "Telecommunications Regulation, Imputation Policies and Competition," 16 Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal 1, 1993, (publication of the Hastings College of Law). (with Alexander C. Larson)

18)“Can Theoretically Latent Groups Influence Policy Decisions? The Case of Telecommunications Policy” (By Dino Falaschetti )

19)"An Economic Analysis of Transfer Pricing and Imputation Policies For Public Utilities" Incentive Regulation For Public Utilities, Center for Research in Regulated Industries (with Alexander C. Larson)





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