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PAE team members have between 10 and 40 years of experience in conducting projects and solving problems.  PAE has helped incumbents, new entrants, end users, and government agencies with business and regulatory issues and problems.

 Examples of some of our work are presented below

Challenge of an Interconnection Decision
2010 National Broadband Plan
Electric Power and Natural Gas Experience
Evaluating Telecommunications Contracts for a Large End User
Training in Custom Bid Economics
Regulatory Strategy for a Foreign Incumbent
Evaluating the Price Structure of a Foreign ILEC Interconnection Charge
Review of a Telecommunication Business Plan
Evaluating Fill and Utilization Factors in Incremental Cost Studies
Evaluating the Costs of a U.S. Wireless Provider
Assisting a Latin American Incumbent with Interconnection Issues
Litigation Support And Witness Training
USF Subsidy Bands for High Cost Areas
Review of Interconnection Policy
Evaluation of The Economic Implications of a Telecom Court Decision
Economics of Privatization And Liberalization for African Regulators
Review of Incremental Costs
Testimony Regarding Pricing Freedom and Competitive Safeguards
Evaluation of Cost Proxy Models
Development of an Interconnection Strategy For A Small ILEC
Testifying To The Spillover Of Telecom Issues
Estimating the Damage From Collusive Telecommunications Rate Setting
Benchmarking Interconnection Rates
Resale - Wholesale Discounts
Producing a Mobile Cost Study in a Short Time Frame
Reviewing a Mobile Pricing Plan
Cost, Price, and Regulatory Training for a Regulatory Commission


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