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Steve Parsons

Dr. Parsons is the President of Parsons Applied Economics, L.L.C where he directs work and performs consulting and research on a variety of topics related to business decisions and regulatory policy. Steve has his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he was both an Earhart Foundation Fellow and a University of California Regents Fellow. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at eight universities including Washington University in St. Louis where he teaches classes in the Masters of Information Management program in the School of Engineering: the Economics of Networks and Information Systems; Telecommunications Regulation and Public Policy; and Economics of Technology Change.

He has consulted on literally hundreds of projects involving many aspects of business, competition, and regulation. He has served as an expert economic witness on over 40 occasions filing reports, written testimony, affidavits, testifying in deposition, and/or testifying before: state courts; US federal courts; state public utility commissions; the FCC; and regulatory authorities in other countries.

Until September 2000, Steve was Vice President - Regulatory Strategy (previously V.P. Regulatory and Litigation Support) at INDETEC International where he directed the consulting in regulatory areas as well as applied economics for business decisions. Before joining INDETEC, Steve was a regulatory economist at Southwestern Bell Telephone for five years where he served effectively as an internal consultant (including the review of cost methods for economic consistency). Prior to his work at SWBT, he was the Staff Vice President at Criterion Inc., where he directed economic, demographic, and Geographic Information Systems analysis (e.g., modeling spatial characteristics of supply and demand). He has experience and conducted research in telecommunications, electric power, health care, airlines, and other multiservice industries facing changing regulation and technology.


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