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Parsons Applied Economics (PAE) is a consulting firm assisting clients with business decisions and regulatory matters.

PAE areas of expertise include:

  • Telecommunications Economics
  • Economics of Networks
  • Economics and Industrial Organization
  • Forward-Looking (FL) Economic Costs
  • Tops-Down Costs with FL Adjustments
  • Bottoms-Up Engineering Costs
  • Cost Models
  • Custom Bids, Multipart Pricing, Geographic De-averaging
  • Bundling
  • Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory Reform Evaluation
  • Interconnection, Unbundling, and Resale
  • Reciprocal Compensation
  • Universal Service Mechanisms
  • Imputation and Efficient Components Pricing
  • Cross-Subsidy, Competitive Standards and Safeguards
  • Bypass and Factor Substitution
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Economic Damage Evaluation
  • Training and Education
  • Land-Line, Mobile, and Packet-Based Networks

While the majority of PAE's work is in telecommunications, research and experience exist in electric power and other multiservice industries facing rapidly changing technology and complex regulations.


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